This is a typical example of the kind of work I did at the Campus Times. This is from when I was Features Editor. Typically, I had to develop the story ideas, assign a writer to research and write the articles, then edit those articles. I had to plan the layout of the pages, how much space each article would need, what pictures should go with the article, assign a photo request to a photographer, write the headlines and write the captions for the photos, and of course integrate all this with the other editors and the rest of the paper. I then also did the actual physical layout, as in this example, in which I also added a color overlay.
Later, more and more of the layout was done on the computer.
Click here to see a typical masthead from the paper from the time when I was Syndications Editor; the mostly non-heirarchical listing has my name appearing roughly right in the middle. (Note John Hutzler's name all the way at the bottom -- hee hee! He was my hand-picked replacement when I went to Europe; and now is my "boss"...)
CT Layout Example