My email address is in the form of an image so that automatic email harvesters that troll the web to get addresses to inundate with spam won't be able to read it. You can read it, however, but you'll have to type it out. Actually, it's really kind of easy: Just take my web address -- -- and copy and paste that, then replace the first dot with an "at" sign.

Here are email addresses -- in the form of text images -- that work for me:

My default address is

All of the following variations work as well, and all go to the same place:

My work address is

(The alternate spelling of my last name, as well as my first name only, will also work. The company is at on the internet.)

During the week, the best place to catch me is at work. Over the weekends, the default address has a slightly better chance of being checked than the work one.

Another route to go is to send an email that pops up on my ICQ instant messenger. If my online status is "online", you can send an email to

and this will instantly pop up on my screen. (You can also click on the ICQ status below to open a page from which you can page me, or start a chat session with me.)
My ICQ status is currently
Page me via ICQ

This old address NO LONGER works!

Finally, I maintain the following addresses, though they gather a lot of spam:

These I also tend to check infrequently, though at least once a month.